MDW 2022 | Cappellini @ IBM Studios Milan 

June 2022

Cappellini unveils the 2022 new products and the brand’s iconic designs in a double exhibition at the IBM Studios Pavilion, opening up for the public as a multisensory treasure chest.

Moreover, exploring the Metaverse together with young talents in the “Expanded Beauty” project. 

MDW 2022 | Cappellini @ IBM Studios Milan

On the occasion of the Design Week (June 6-12), Cappellini is staging a double exhibition at the IBM Studios Pavilion in Piazza Gae Aulenti.


 An engaging experience, a journey into a multifaceted aesthetic universe and a look at the future revealing itself with a house balanced between materiality and immateriality. In Looking to the future, the brand tells its vision of the contemporary product thanks to the interpretation offered by multiple international creatives, with objects immersed in a multisensory scenography.


Cappellini Slowdown Refuge, instead, investigates the theme of dwelling in an environment where design and technology merge together; in which the iconic pieces find their aesthetic counterpart in the most innovative products.


Looking to the future

In a stage box animated solely by light and music, Cappellini previews the new products of its 2022 collection. The exhibition space becomes for the occasion an immersive place where the objects, featuring an extreme formal rigour, decode the DNA of a brand dedicated to experimentation, capable to tell the multiculturalism of the design language through its interpreters.


Slowdown Refuge

The exhibition project Slowdown Refuge can be identified as the outline of contemporary living in which the house is to be understood as a bridge between past and future, as a means of communication between the rediscovered intimate identity and social relationships, a protective refuge but also a viaticum to the outside. This space was imagined by Giulio Cappellini with extreme lightness, bright nuances and some hints of colour. In a progression of thematic rooms, from the living to the dining room, from the study to the sleeping area and up to the outdoors, this scenography brings with it a thoughtful reflection on history and contemporaneity, thanks to the dialogue between iconic pieces, new objects and design milestones reinvented through new colours. A non-nostalgic tribute to great international brands and to the authors of timeless objects. Here, you can find the works of Shiro Kuramata, Alessandro Mendini, Jasper Morrison, Marcel Wanders, Marc Newson, AG Fronzoni, Claudio Silvestrin, Jacob Wagner, Doshi Levien, Johan Lindstén, Piero Lissoni, Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec, Nendo, Dror, Sebastian Herkner and Tom Dixon. "Slowdown Refuge" is a Wunderkammer bringing together the projects of a group of talents creating a timeless collection. A treasure chest to be opened to celebrate the world by Cappellini.


The new generations and the Metaverse

In the IBM Studios Pavilion, meeting and leisure areas have been created with some symbolic pieces by the brand, starring as main characters of an innovative dialogue with the projects, exhibited virtually; it is the output of a collaboration with the international students of the Master in Interior Design and Digital Art Direction of Marangoni Design Campus. Alongside these, the work of Istituto Marangoni’s alumni concerning the Metaverse with the theme "Expanded Beauty" imagines a future home in space. A pioneering vision but not at all remote. The idea was born from an exchange of views between Giulio Cappellini, designer, art director and talent scout, and experts in future scenarios. A work emphasizing his free and daring spirit, always capable to trace new paths starting from careful observation of the most current and incisive social phenomena. With a perspective of design becoming more and more inclusive, there is also a convivial area aimed at the No code generation, a crossing-gen without limits of age, culture or origin.





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