April 2021

In a constant exchange between design and a philosophical thought, from April 12th to 23rd, Cappellini’s Milanese showroom in Via Santa Cecilia stages AMOR FATI, Elena Salmistraro depicting the Cappellini world.


The dreamlike imagery, hyper-decorativism and eclectic language of the designer meet the natural, sophisticated and timeless shades of sand and grey, revived by details in yellow, green, blue and in the inevitable black which define the set-up curated by Giulio Cappellini to present the brand’s 2021 new products.

Amor Fati

In a visual stratification, made up of opposing forces blending in an avant-garde experimentation, Cappellini and Elena Salmistraro depict through the language of design the philosophical concept of Amor Fati and, drawing from the thought of the Stoics and Nietzsche, reinterpret the theme of active acceptance of destiny as a virtuous tool to face existence, its transience, randomness and unpredictability: welcoming this condition with openness and positivity embarks on a path of happiness and greatness, necessary to overcome difficulties and achieve one’s ideals.

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