Progetti Compiuti

Shiro Kuramata

The Progetti Compiuti chest of drawers, designed by Shiro Kuramata, includes an array of furnishing elements with drawers: including two chests of drawers with different shapes SIDE 1 / SIDE 2 (1970); SOLARIS (1977) – a unit with drawers made of wood and metal; and PC_12 (1970) – a piece with 49 asymmetrical drawers, on wheels.

The frame of the Progetti Compiuti chests of drawers is made of black-stained ash. The drawers for SIDE 1, SIDE and PC_12 are finished with white matte lacquer; whereas the drawers for Solaris have the same colour and finish as the frame.


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Designed by
Shiro Kuramata

A design icon, Shiro Kuramata was the Japanese designer who best epitomized the spirit of the era in which he lived, through his highly significant products and creations.

In 1965, he founded the Kuramata Design Office in Tokyo, where he remained until the year of his death, in 1991, working on numerous projects that entered the product and...