Residenza Cappellini

In Manhattan’s Financial District, Cappellini works with frenchCALIFORNIA on an exhibition melding the past, present, and future.

September 2023

For several decades, Cappellini has worked alongside many of the world’s top designers, particularly as they emerge from the unknown facets of design communities throughout the globe. In the instance of Residenza Cappellini, Art Director Giulio Cappellini initiated a collaboration with Guillaume Coutheillas, founder of the award-winning interior design studio French California. This perhaps unexpected collaboration between an innovative company known for producing thought-provoking products and resonant exhibitions, alongside a New York and San Francisco based design studio known for interiors exuding elegant warmth and curatorial sophistication, conceptualizes a project melding contemporary living with past traditions, thus exemplifying the eclectic home of the early 21st century.

Lido Cappellini outdoors collection furnishes the breathtaking terraces of Residenza Cappellini, Manhattan with subtle elegance and extraordinary craftsmanship.

The sensibility of frenchCALIFORNIA’s aesthetic principles interprets Cappellini with a soft, neutralized aura, perhaps suitable for the home of an art collector. As Giulio Cappellini states, “Residenza Cappellini is a multicultural project where the past meets the future. Contamination of heritages, cultures, and design philosophies make this home quite contemporary, merging the DNA of frenchCALIFORNIA and Cappellini”.


With a sophisticated subtlety, iconic pieces such as Giulio’s Cappellini’s Dolmen, and Marc Newson’s Embryo Chair, pair harmoniously with rugs from Kasthal, lamps by Foscarini, and fine art provided by Salomon Art Gallery located in Tribeca. In addition, the study featuring the Aliante bookshelf by Rodolfo Dordoni and Mr. Cappellini, is encased with a bespoke wall covering by Brooklyn based Calico Wallpaper. Although thematically vintage, the penthouse apartment extends to an outstanding terrace featuring Cappellini’s new Lido Collection, a new outdoor line headlined by the Litos sofa, designed by Sebastian Herkner, and Jasper Morrison’s classic Thinking Man’s Chair. With a backdrop of Manhattan’s skyline framed by uniquely arched windows, Residenza Cappellini again brings Cappellini to the forefront of what it means to live beautifully, dream, and smile.

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