Design Made in Italy

The new book by Niccolò Biddau presented at Spazio Cappellini Milano

December 2023

Last 14th December, Spazio Cappellini Milano hosted an event dedicated to the Italian photographer Niccolò Biddau and his brand-new book Design Made in Italy.

The book, made with the patronage of ADI and Politecnico di Milano – School of Design, focuses on the object of design and the beauty of its architecture with the precise intent to offer, through the photographic language, a suggestive representation of the connection between objects and people.

The attention is totally oriented towards the “Made in Italy”, the Italian flair and ingenuity, heritage of a culture that embraces the same industrial fabric that has been able to gather the best Italian and international creativity in recent years.


Through ninety-one photographic works portraying just as many design masterpieces, among which the well-known Rainbow Chair by Patrick Norguet produced by Cappellini, Biddau has been able to create an original choral storytelling. The choice of taking inspiration from the black and white fine-art photographic language allowed him to put even more emphasis on the representation of the design object, underlining its refinement, capturing its essential shape and revealing its beauty in a clear and harmonious way.

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