Lake Como Design Festival 2022

Giulio Cappellini at the Broletto portico intervenes on city design: limits and possibilities

October 2022

Last 22 September in the charming setting of the Broletto portico, journalist Prashanth Cattaneo moderated the meeting «Everywhere design. The diffusion of things in the places where we live» between Giulio Cappellini, who recently received the Compasso d'Oro Career Award, and Italo Rota, architect and urban planner at Studio Italo Rota.
The main topics of conversation were the growing presence of design in cities through dedicated performances, installations and events and the issues and potential of its diffusion in the living, working and tourism contexts.

Credits © Andrea Butti

The dialogue was part of a series of discussions between architects, designers, and intellectuals at the Lake Como Design Festival. They examined from different points of view the dualism between reality and the virtual world and the new cultural, working, climatic and human migrations phenomena that create a Neo-nomadism tendency. The starting point of the verbal exchange was the latest essay by anthropologist Vito Teti, "La restanza".

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