Create welcoming work environments, host guests in an intriguing atmosphere, immerse customers in unique and exclusive settings: for decades, Cappellini’s interior design projects have led the Contract sector, utilizing products that are suitable for the most diverse activities, offering aesthetic versatility through a wide range of finishes.

Hotels & Residences

A welcome setting.

The versatility of Cappellini's interior design projects and the unquestionable quality of the products they are centered around, makes Cappellini in high demand around the world in the hotel furniture section.


This is a field where functionality is of equal importance to aesthetic impact, where Cappellini intervens skillfully and confidently to propose furnishing elements that can be personalized in a wide range of finishes or be custom made for the Client.


Simply tasteful.

Designed by top designers, Cappellini's tables and chairs host customers in some of the world's most coveted restaurants, accenting these renowned locations with their sophisticated colours and well studied proportions.


Public spaces

Design for the open air.
Cappellini's contract solutions go beyond the borders of interior design: Cappellini vast and versatile catalogue also includes some outdoor furniture and iconic patio furniture.


A business matter.

Cappellini is often selected by large international firms as a partner for their office furniture: by introducing Cappellini's vision, these headquarters acquire striking lounges, workspaces and conference rooms - all of which are perfectly balanced and representative of the spirit of the brand.


The perfect co-protagonist.

To provide retail furnishings or showroom furniture is one of the greatest challenges in the Contract field. Lighting, colours, proportions: everything must work together to create an environment that showcases the products without overshadowing them. 
The object being sold must appear as the main protagonist, and everything surrounding it must function as a chorus: much like in a theatre production, where the scenography must not steal the actor's limelight, Cappellini's solutions create the ideal mood for evaluating products within an immersive universe.


A wave worth riding.
Cappellini's vision takes to the sea with the yacht furnishing option. Offering personalized solutions for managing the typically limited space available inside of a boat interior, Cappellini's nautical furniture brings style to the waves.
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