The art of being bold.

A world to inhabit, a lifestyle. A way to observe. A way to experience. The way according to Cappellini, where designer armchairs are seen as the synthesis between the design concept and comfort, aimed at enriching the significance of domestic habitats and contract contexts through an eye-catching statement. Whether slender and minimalist or post-modern, Cappellini armchairs are the ideal place of leisure. Always eager to surprise with their scenographic – almost sculptural – impact, frequently borrowing from pre-existing forms and codes to generate exciting new stylistic languages.

Design, in artistic scenarios and domestic hearths.

At Cappellini, modern armchairs go beyond the confines of the living room or lounge, and can be used in the bedroom or outdoor settings to create unexpected, ironic and revolutionary ensembles. Envisioned by the top names in the world of design, the designer armchairs in the Cappellini Collection are frequent recipients of recognition, such as earning exhibitions in the world’s top contemporary art museums. However, despite these milestones, their most privileged setting remains intimate, private. In the words of Giulio Cappellini: “I am very happy when a Cappellini product becomes part of the permanent collection of an art museum. But I’m much happier still when I see it in people’s actual homes: only then do I feel I have met the purpose of design”.

Colourful or neutral armchairs for expressing personal space.

Seats made of polyurethane foam and classic leather armchairs with a contemporary twist, brilliant fibreglass and pieces upholstered with bi-elastic, panno or felt fabrics, Cappellini offers a vast array of materials that can be carefully chosen according to sophisticated chromatic strategies, to harmoniously match or vibrantly contrast any setting.





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