Alessandro Mendini

One of the most acclaimed design pieces in the world, the Proust armchair by Alessandro Mendini was launched in 1978, when it was used to furnish the Palazzo dei Diamanti, in Ferrara during an exhibition entitled “Incontri ravvicinati di architettura” (Close encounters of architecture). Shortly thereafter, the piece’s postmodern appeal captured the attention of connoisseurs and design insiders on an international scale.

This new edition of the iconic armchair has the traditional hand-carved and hand-painted wood frame with a fixed cover made of multicolour fabric that echoes the frame decor.

The Proust armchair is produced in two different multicolour palettes: light blue/grey/yellow or black/green/red.


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Designed by
Alessandro Mendini

The Milanese architect and designer, Alessandro Mendini, focuses predominantly on neo-modern and contemporary design.
The core of his research is design: furniture, interiors, architecture and installations. The common thread behind the multitude of Mendini’s projects is his eccentric flair for pairing contrasting elements and re-elaborating themes...