Cappellini presents AXO IN FABULA

September 2021

Via Santa Cecilia, 4 - MILAN

In an unusual year which has suddenly seen contemporary habits changed, the Milan Design Week comes to life from the 4th to 10th of September, a special edition strongly desired to maintain continuity for the most important design event: Cappellini is the main character of this occasion with AXO IN FABULA, the project investigating the theme of socio-cultural regeneration through Elena Salmistraro’s imaginative and surreal language.
"A child will find the strength and courage to fight to build a better world only if he is able to imagine things that do not exist", said Gianni Rodari, whose thought is the inspiration for a new chapter in the story which Cappellini created together with Elena Salmistraro. After the installation AMOR FATI, set up in April in Milan’s showroom of Santa Cecilia, the company dialogues again with the designer and presents AXO, a funny salamander, shifting in appearance and with an extraordinary ability to regenerate itself.
AXO is a fabric object such as those of the past, produced by reusing, re-assembling and regenerating scraps of cloth, thus creating unique pieces. From a simple gesture, yet full of meanings, unrepeatable works come to life: design objects that, through the beholder’s eyes and imaginary, become protagonists of fantastic universes and wonderful worlds. 
Each sample of Axo originates from the collaboration with the Cooperativa Alice, promoter of “Ethically made in Italy”, the first made in Italy supply chain guaranteed by WFTO (World Fair Trade Organization), together with Il Laboratorio based in Quartoggiaro and Fiori All’Occhiello in Baranzate.

Cappellini presents AXO IN FABULA

AXO IN FABULA is the result of an exciting choral project focusing on the impact of the textile industry on the environment, but also the importance of the re-inclusion of women and fragile categories in society, to offer them a new opportunity for life and a rebirth. An installation of abstract works defines the path inside the Cappellini showroom, telling the genesis of the project and its concept of change and regeneration. It is a journey through sculptures also made of fabric immortalizing the moments of AXO's growth, from birth to transformation, from its being a fabric-cell to becoming a dream-doll.
The path towards rebirth goes on in the Cappellini showroom also through the reissue of iconic pieces and new products. Among the big names comes back Jasper Morrison, whom Giulio Cappellini discovered over thirty years ago, with his San Siro: an armchair with a precise design, rigorous shapes and perfect proportions, renewed with new upholstery. Morrison also exhibits the iconic and versatile collection of Tate chairs, offered with new finishes and upholstery and also a remake of the elegant Day Bed, the first product presented by the English designer for Cappellini together with Thinkingman's chair, revisited for the occasion in a light gray velvet and black nylon according to the most contemporary haute couture trends.
Reinterpreted in a new natural finish there is also Hiroi, the essential seat designed by Cyril Dunděra &Matěj Janský both for the home and public spaces. New shades give new life to the two-tone sphere Cord Lamp by Werner Aissingler; the Litos sofa by Sebastian Herkner is enriched with corner and terminal elements allowing the creation of new and wide configurations.
The set-up is completed by some iconic creations of the brand such as the very thin Vendôme table and the small Gong tabletop by Giulio Cappellini, the Riga desk by Marc Newson and the sinuous Side1 designed by Shiro Kuramata. There is no shortage of projects perfectly interpreting the theme of transformation such as the soft and multifaceted Lud'o armchair by Patricia Urquiola and the Marfa seat collection, designed by the Cappellini Design Team capable of being included into home or contract contexts depending on the base of choice.

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