Studio Cappellini

Easy by Studio Cappellini is a series of composable raised cabinets created for the living room. The units incorporate doors, drawers or open spaces which reflect an extraordinary visual lightness, making them easy to place in settings with a multitude of diverse stylistic elements.

Easy sideboards can be personalised by pairing matte or glossy lacquered finishes with wood. The tops are available with a lacquered finish or in wood and marble.


The materials available to professionals in the sector.

2d dwg / 3D dwg

Designed by
Studio Cappellini

Since its debut, Studio Cappellini has focused primarily on research and pure design.

Under the guidance of Giulio Cappellini, the company has formed an internal team dedicated to the design of products capable of becoming “long-sellers” that resist the passage of time and fleeting fashion trends, to become an integral and emblematic part...