Michela Catalano and Ilaria Marelli

Geometry and lightness: these are the principles behind the Cannot table, a design that revolves around the concepts of equilibrium and instability. Envisioned by Michela Catalano and Ilaria MarelliCannot is low-lying table that can be disassembled. The structure is made of stainless steel with a lacquered top available in either a matte or glossy finish, in all of colours in the collection. Due to its compact dimensions, the table is easy to store and transport when disassembled.


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Designed by
Michela Catalano and Ilaria Marelli

Michela Catalano and Ilaria Marelli both hold degrees in architecture and industrial design. Their professional partnership began in 1999.

Among their many projects in the fields of product design, communications and interior design, Catalano e Marelli created the Cannot table, which was welcomed into the Cappellini...