The new outdoor collection by Jangir Maddadi

March 2023

Illustration by © Antonio Colomboni

For his first collaboration with Cappellini, the Kurdish-born Swedish designer Jangir Maddadi designed a collection of outdoor furniture with the precise intent to capture “the spirit of summer, when everything seems more carefree and joyful”: this is how Vendicari was born, a collection of chairs, armchairs and tables characterized by sinuous and curved lines, evoking the classic garden furniture of the Thirties, but revisited in a contemporary way.

The name of the collection was elected to underline the light and breezy design of these products: Vendicari is a Sicilian island located within an enchanting natural reserve, and the furnishings of this family perfectly recreate all the freshness of summer breeze that flows through the Mediterranean.


Entirely made of aluminum and stainless steel, two sustainable and durable materials suitable for an outdoor use, the products of the Vendicari collection are perfect for furnishing any kind of environment with their bold, elegant and modern design. The available colors give these products an ever-changing image: the pure white conveys a sensation of absolute lightness, the violet blue is a clear reference to marine landscape, while the oxide red establishes a direct connection with natural elements.


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