Johan Lindstén


Immediately after completing his studies, Johan Lindstén founded his own design studio in Stockholm, in 2008.

The broad array of Lindstén’s creations ranges from the design of limited edition products (often sold to museums) and high-tech accessories for everyday use such as his sound-absorbing products for Apple, or designer furniture and furnishing elements.

Johan Lindstén interprets design as an opportunity to express emotions and thoughts, which he transfers into physical objects that can improve a person’s state of mind and better the quality of life, with elements that are visually pleasing, playful and surprising.

Unexpected eye-catching details are one of his recurring themes: his products are characterized by simplicity and emotional nuances, giving life to forms that are not just pleasing to the eye, but above all, the expression of sentiment.

For Cappellini, Johan Lindstén created the Embriodery Chairs, a series based upon an interpretation of the changing seasons and the Embroidery Simple chair. Among his creations, his illumination designs are particularly striking, such as the Meltdown lamps, which are available in floor, table and hanging versions. 

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