Elham M. Aghili Exhibition

Aghili's fantastical world blooms on the dispaly window of Spazio Cappellini Milano

On the occasion of 2024 Milan Design Week and thanks to the collaboration with Campogrande Concept, the Spazio Cappellini located in via Borgogna welcomes the floral compositions of Elham M. Aghili, a young artist of Persian origins who, in a few years from the beginning of her visual arts studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna, has managed to transform her hybrid and dreamlike interpretations of nature into extraordinary installations, collaborating with major brands, museums, galleries, international institutions and obtaining prestigious awards.

In love with the nature that inspires her complex installations, Elham M. Aghili is the daughter of a hybrid culture. Her Persian origins have profoundly influenced both her artistic technique, based on the weaving of textile yarn, and her vision of the world and the environment that surrounds us, perceived as a projection of interiority, a garden with ambiguous boundaries in which wild and domesticated collapse and overlap.


The floral works of this young artist evoke much more than they reveal. In a game of allusions and references, Aghili manages to create a parallel nature made of yarns and poetry, a "living" nature capable of emerging from the environments to which it is usually designated and taking possession of the architectural spaces in which it is contained.

In all her works, Elham M. Aghili combines rigorous technique with great attention to sustainability and upcycling. At the beginning of her career, mostly due to economic reasons, the artist often used recycled materials. Over time, even while being able to afford more sophisticated products, Aghili continued to create what she herself defines "heaps of waste", living objects born from the recovery and transformation of materials destined for disposal.


The floral compositions created for Cappellini and installed inside the showroom were created using warehouse waste from Vimar1991, a textile company specialized in the production of fancy yarns. The yarn itself, as Aghili underlines, is a fluid, soft, amorphous material, therefore it has an enormous expressive potential and turns out to be perfect for giving life to these malleable objects: except for the iron wire that constitutes part of the weight-bearing structure, all the materials used for these compositions, from the fabrics to the internal components, are recycled elements.

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