A new Italian stronghold in this Spanish city, Pante Cucina Italiana is a restaurant in Madrid where the quest for quality is silent and authentic, the attention paid to top-notch ingredients is key and the carefully studied design, details and passion for hospitality naturally coexist in an expression of values which are too often missing elsewhere. Cappellini furnishes these spaces with Bac chair by Jasper Morrison, an element that moves in perfect harmony with the desire to build a bridge between past, present and future generations.

The interior design, enriched with this iconic piece by Cappellini, is a creation of Milanese designer Antonio Facco, Co-founder and Brand Director of Pante: which he himself defined as a “silent design”, Pante is a curated space which manifests spontaneity. The “rich simplicity” of the selection of natural materials and the refined details gives diners the chance to experience and genuinely perceive the intrinsic values behind this new concept of hospitality based on offering the public a unique and undeniably Mediterranean experience.


This is a comfortable, welcoming location which reveals its naturally genteel inclination with great elegance. Pante Madrid exclusively features furnishings from the best Italian brands: a thoroughly Made in Italy concept, which gives testament to an ideal of high quality and loyalty towards one’s origins.

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