The "green" side of Juli Re-Plastic

March 2022

The need to recycle and preserve the environment became clear with the understanding that the global consumption of resources has tripled since 1970.
Juli Re-Plastic by Werner Aisslinger is made with recycled material. It is Cappellini's first sustainable outdoor piece of furniture and one of the novelties for this year. 

The "green" side of Juli Re-Plastic

The polypropylene used for Juli Re-Plastic is made from recycled domestic waste, mostly used packaging, thus giving a new life to the waste and dignifying it by using it in place of the virgin material obtained from crude oil.
The effective circular economy management preserves natural resources by reducing emissions that are harmful to the climate. The use of recycled polypropylene in place of primary plastic allows to reduce emissions and energy consumption. Specifically, up to approximately 891.6 kilograms of greenhouse gases are saved respectively (reducing emissions by approximately 54%) and more than 21,037 kW / h per ton, equivalent to 14,024 loads of laundry.

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