Since 2002, under the guidance of architect Oki Sato, the collective of professionals united under the name Nendo has come to represent a cultured and refined alternative to the self-celebratory and self-referential design scene. In fact, the Japanese word, “Nendo”, means “clay” and the work of the studio, spanning from interior design to the world of furnishings and graphics, is meant to express the image of the flexibility and ductility of matter.

The particularity of studio Nendo is precisely that of abandoning rigidity to take on a malleable and shapeable form, in order to find the best organic approach to the challenges of contemporary design.

Among the products Nendo has created for Cappellini, is the double-sided Drop bookshelf family, the Peg series of elements, the Koeda and Tuta coat hangers, the Ribbon stools and the Bambi desk, all of which were a great success. In just a few years, the Nendo’s signature objects have already received important international accolades.


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