Spazio Cappellini Milano

A brand-new concept promoting cultural contamination

March 2023

On the occasion of 2023 Milano Design Week, Cappellini opens a new showroom in via Borgogna 8, in the very heart of Durini Design District: Spazio Cappellini Milano replaces the historic store in via Santa Cecilia introducing a brand-new concept and promoting a cultural dialog in name of freedom, starting from design.

Conceived as an immersive journey, Spazio Cappellini Milano takes the visitors through a succession of different experiences characterized by a continuous cultural contamination. Inside the showroom, the past and present products of the Cappellini Collection blend with objects from all over the world, creating a unique atmosphere. The interiors, defined by a composite and eclectic look, lead to an area dedicated to open-air living, reflecting the brand’s DNA: here minimalism meets maximalism, introspection gets along with brilliant enthusiasm, refinement embraces eccentricity.

The rooms of Spazio Cappellini Milano become a travelling theatre where the visitor, rather than being a still spectator, plays the role of the main character of a unique and captivating purchase experience. “Like a theatrical scenography,  Spazio Cappellini is going to narrate different concepts, all deeply connected to the brand’s essence” declared Giulio Cappellini, creator and art director of the project.


The new Spazio Cappellini Milano becomes the symbol of a one-of-a-kind story, made of iconic objects in the history of design, renowned labels and future-oriented thought.

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