Abie Abdillah

The centuries-old tradition of rattan craftsmanship meets contemporary design in the creation of the Lukis armchair, envisioned by Indonesian designer Abie Abdillah; his ground-breaking interpretation of these artisanal techniques from South-East Asia is aimed at fostering greater environmental awareness and sustainability: in fact, rattan is fast-growing, the whole plant is utilizable, and it can be easily moulded with hot steam.

For the Lukis, rattan is used to form the distinctive seat and backrest, whereas the frame of the armchair is made of rubber wood, from the tree that yields rubber. The result of this blending of elements is a hand-woven indoor design element characterized by a precise and regular pattern: the cleanliness and accuracy of the pattern and details are a testament to the design, as they might lead one to believe the product was made by sophisticated high-tech machinery.

The seat of the Lukis armchairs is available in a natural finish and the legs can be stained in matte blue or matte black. A chair version is also available; for both the chair and armchair, the seat cushion has a fixed cover.


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Designed by
Abie Abdillah

Raised in Indonesia, Abie Abdillah is a young designer who focuses on the use of natural materials, in particular rattan.

For Abdillah, this medium epitomizes the meeting point between tradition and his ability to revolutionize his relationship with his origins and materials to find a fresh, contemporary vision.

As Abdillah explains: “The reason...