New York City

Float Studio

Founded and established in New York City in 1889 by Frenchman Frederic Schumacher, F. Schumacher & Co is a leading interior design house, getting its start by bringing the art of French textiles to the United States. Its new headquarters, designed by the New York-based design practice Float Studio, is located in the heart of Manhattan’s Soho neighborhood and reflects the company’s identity as a style-forward and innovation-driven design powerhouse.

Credits: Max Kim-Bee

Situated over four floors that are flooded with natural light, the new office space is a fluid, shared setup that is designed to inspire creative energy. The new space reflects the identity of the innovative design house and its collection of brands. The office meets the needs of these rapidly expanding teams with increased meeting spaces, lounge areas with large library tables, and even a rooftop.

In this new airy and magnificent space, Cappellini furniture is used throughout, along with other high-end pieces from some of the most important international design companies. The overall effect feels cool and sophisticated, modern but warm: a creative laboratory full of style, taste and innovation, a place that transcends time and rises above the ordinary, allowing people to express themselves and feel confident doing so.

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