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November 2021


“Children will find the strength and courage to fight to build a better world only if they are able to imagine things that do not exist”, said Gianni Rodari. And this is exactly the inspiration of AXO, a project conceived by Cappellini in collaboration with Elena Salmistraro and presented during the most recent edition of the Salone del Mobile, which took place last September in Milan. AXO is a diminutive of Axolotl, a unique species of salamander with a sort of magical power: the extraordinary ability to recover and regenerate itself. Funny and friendly, this peculiar animal becomes the symbol of a common desire of change, of our search for a continuous regeneration.
AXO is a small object hand-made out of fabrics, like the ones of the past produced by reusing, re-assembling and regenerating scraps of different cloth, thus creating unique pieces. They are extraordinary works of craftsmanship, design objects that, through the beholder’s eyes and imaginary, become protagonists of fantastic universes and wonderful worlds: the world of the future, regenerated by elements of the past.
AXO is a project full of significance, presented in a playful and ironic way: it is the negation of extinction, it is the assertion of life itself.


AXO is not just a design product: it is an object that aims to launch a message of awareness, environmental sustainability and solidarity. The project by Elena Salmistraro focuses on the impact of the textile industry on the environment and addresses the importance of socio-cultural regeneration, in particular the re-integration of women in difficulties into society, to offer them a new opportunity of life and a sort of rebirth. Every single AXO originates from the collaboration with the Cooperativa Alice, promoter of “Ethically made in Italy”, the first made in Italy supply chain guaranteed by WFTO (World Fair Trade Organization), together with “Il Laboratorio” based in Quartoggiaro and “Fiori All’Occhiello” in Baranzate.

Cappellini has decided to engage in this project because it firmly believes in the importance of the social role of a company, conceived as an entity deeply rooted in the territory and close to social contexts.




is the first of a series of collector’s objects that will be presented by Cappellini over the next years and that will be realized supporting disadvantaged work force and using recycled materials.

AXO is a real Manifesto of Rebirth: rebirth of material, of craftsmanship, of life.

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