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A composite language.

Formal or pop, linear or animated with a baroque spirit, functional or purely decorative, every piece of Cappellini’s modern furniture has a unique history.  A story that embodies the inspirations, reinterpretations, stylistic diversion, research and authenticity. For Cappellini, creativity is limitless, as is the eclectic language of the designers who, for Cappellini, give contours to the constantly changing physiognomy of life.

Beyond functionality.

Today, design cannot meet merely functional criteria. Likewise, it cannot respond exclusively to aesthetic queries. According to Cappellini, every home is unique, a blending of emotions, beauty, and everyday gestures that express an intimate poetry. These values are perfectly epitomised in Cappellini’s contemporary furniture catalogue, which includes proposals for every sphere of life, for both the residential and contract sector.

Life, above all else.

Clients from all over the world turn to Cappellini to find the best furnishing solutions for their businesses; these large-scale projects span from the nautical field to the hospitality sector, from public spaces to acclaimed retail spaces, for which Cappellini proposes projects envisioned by iconic designers: starchitects and top names who, thanks to this brand, have obtained significant international standing.

Materials, colours, proportions.

From individual décor pieces to modular systems, each Cappellini product reflects a genuine declaration of intent based upon bold design and "contamination", to enrich what is functional and mundane with artistic aspirations, for both Contract and home furnishings. 





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