Flexi Container

Studio Cappellini

The Flexi Container system by Studio Cappellini is built around a base element and a case, available in two versions: a free-standing floor version (with a depth of 43 or 58 cm) or wall mounting (43 cm in depth).

A series of freely combinable units (shelves, doors, bases, tops, handles and accessories, as well as the aforementioned cases) allows for personalized configurations of the system.

For the Flexi Container system, it is possible to select different colours and finishes for the various components, to create custom combinations of doors, drawers and open compartments. The compositions are available with glossy or matte finish, in all the colours from the collection. The base can be finished with polished chrome or matte lacquered, and the handles come in either these two finishes or glossy lacquered. 



Designed by
Studio Cappellini

Since its debut, Studio Cappellini has focused primarily on research and pure design.

Under the guidance of Giulio Cappellini, the company has formed an internal team dedicated to the design of products capable of becoming “long-sellers” that resist the passage of time and fleeting fashion trends, to become an integral and emblematic part...  

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