The capacity for thought.

A bookshelf never lies. Few things manage to define who we are like the books we read. Fiction, nonfiction, poetry: the books we love find space first in our hearts, then within the furniture that contains them. Cappellini understands this and manifests the heartfelt passion of a reader and the attentiveness of a writer in their designer bookshelves, providing voluminous forms that embellish settings while exalting their contents with character and personality.

Content takes shape.

In the Cappellini catalogue, designer wall bookcases are offered along with modular bookshelves or two-sided units that can also be used as partitions. The broad array of is ideal for personalizing the home, to display small decorative objects, or for stylishly furnishing  lounges, restaurants, offices and public spaces.

Here to stay.

Solid shelving, perfectly aligned modules, durable finishes: these are the uncompromising characteristics required for a contemporary bookshelf, the result of skilled production expertise that is exhibited through the masterful handling of materials and a scrupulous attention to details. Cappellini bookshelves are based upon highly a rational approach that becomes supremely expressive once it takes shape.



Enter the world of Cappellini

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