HOBO Hotel


Studio Aisslinger

Following the success of the first HOBO Hotel in Stockholm, Studio Aisslinger was commissioned with the spatial design of the second branch in Helsinki as well, establishing HOBO as a pioneering hospitality brand. The eclectic yet thought-through design and the community-based approach create an exceptional experience for guests and locals.


As HOBO Helsinki just opened its doors, Studio Aisslinger sets a new standard for urban hospitality, seamlessly combining creativity, community, and sustainability. The hotel is aiming to foster local communities through design-driven decisions and create dynamic spaces where guests can connect, collaborate, and engage with their surroundings.

Studio Aisslinger has skilfully incorporated contrasting materials and an engaging colour palette throughout the hotel: large walls of brick stones, huge and coloured mirrors, locally sourced terrazzo blend with bespoke landscape furniture pieces and colourful fabrics that visually enhance the distinct design narrative of the hotel, demonstrating Studio Aisslinger’s visionary feel for colours and spatial arrangements.


From the community areas with co-working and meeting spots to the central bar, all the spaces of the hotel are furnished with modern and stylish products, including the Juli Plastic chair by Werner Aisslinger in a special finish and the Hobo Contract sofa system by Werner Aisslinger & Tina Bunyaprasit, specifically designed for the original HOBO Hotel in Stockholm.

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