The Cappellini Christmas House

December 2021

Christmas is approaching and the desire to share the emotions of the new year parties with friends and family in the intimate atmosphere of our home is back, all of which Cappellini conveys with the project The Cappellini Christmas House showcased within the windows of the Salvioni Milano Durini showroom. Conceived by Giulio Cappellini, the concept reveals a perfect interweaving of Christmas traditions and design, staging the story of a house with a great personality, multifaceted and multicultural that was born in Milan, but could be replicated anywhere in the world.
The rooms are tinted in contemporary tones, punctuated by details recalling the typical shades of Christmas: the warm beiges, the elegant burgundy, the greens inspired by coniferous forests. The lights and glow of the tree and the Christmas decorations donate to the living room, dining area and sleeping area an irresistible charm.

The Cappellini Christmas House

The iconic Oblong System sofa by Jasper Morrison, the Lud'o Lounge armchair designed by Patricia Urquiola, the Gong and Mush coffee tables by Giulio Cappellini and the lightweight Aliante bookcase by Giulio Cappellini and Rodolfo Dordoni dialogue in the living room which features the warm tones of chocolate sand and green, with contrasting details in black and gold.
The large Dolmen table by Giulio Cappellini, in natural travertine, is the main character of the dining room. Around it, the space comes alive with Jasper Morrison's brand-new San Siro armchairs in petroleum velvet and Tom Dixon's iconic S-Chair in black leather. The Flexi Container, displayed in a brilliant burgundy lacquer, cast a mood of amazing elegance together with the Hiroi armchair by Matěj Janský and Cyril Dunděra.
The sleeping area with the studio is furnished with some iconic pieces from the Cappellini collection, which for decades have been considered landmarks of contemporary design, from the Bed by Jasper Morrison in ice velvet to the Riga desk by Marc Newson in rigorous black, up to the Side 1 drawer by Shiro Kuramata. The environment is completed by the Orla armchair by Jasper Morrison, the thin Drop bookcase by Nendo, the Mini Bottle tables by Barber & Osgerby. There are two striking elements: the bright red of the extraordinary Embroidery Chair by Johan Lindstén and the lapis tint of the Flexi Container.
The rooms are illuminated by the Arya collection of table, floor and ceiling lamps by Giulio Cappellini and Antonio Facco and the most representative pieces of the Progetto Oggetto collection.
The Cappellini Christmas House is a home to live in with great spontaneity together with the projects of the most important international designers who were met, discovered, raised and nourished by Giulio Cappellini who, thanks to his dwelling vision, manages to look to the future without forgetting to respect history and tradition.
This concept of the Christmas house by Cappellini is visible throughout the month of December. Starting from January, however, the windows of Salvioni Milano Durini will showcase The Cappellini Winter House, in which the bright Christmas colours leave room to a palette of neutral, cold, elegant shades, demonstrating the versatility of Cappellini’s furnishings allowing the brand to decorate homes and architecture of all kinds and styles.

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