Patrick Norguet 


Since the start of his career, Patrick Norguet has been involved in collaborations with the fashion world, in particular, with iconic brands such as Louis Vuitton, Lanvin, Guerlain and Christian Dior.

His talent has been put to use on numerous industrial design and interior design projects, including the trade fair stands for Van Cleef and Renault. A prolific proponent of the generation that incarnates the so-called “French touch”, he contributions have helped bring the spirit of this new aesthetic wave into the international spotlight.

His works represent the ideal union between fashion and design, a correlation that Cappellini, too, has also consistently espoused in the creation of highly prominent products for both sectors, whilst consistently blending innovation with simplicity.

The apex of Norguet’s research is epitomised in the Rainbow Chair and Rive Droit armchair, both are clear examples of how aesthetics can be successfully bonded with functionality. 

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