Rainbow Chair

Patrick Norguet

Made entirely of acrylic resin, the Rainbow Chair by Patrick Norguet is contains bands of different colours and widths which are fused together with ultrasound.

The contrast between the essential lines and the explosion of colours makes this a captivating piece of furniture, a precious and vivacious result of the blend between technological research and artisanship. With a brilliant appearance, the mirror-like finish is obtained by virtue of a manual process.

The materials available to professionals in the sector.

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Designed by
Patrick Norguet

Since the start of his career, Patrick Norguet has been involved in collaborations with the fashion world, in particular, with iconic brands such as Louis Vuitton, Lanvin, Guerlain and Christian Dior.

His talent has been put to use on numerous industrial design and interior design projects, including the trade fair stands for Van Cleef and Renault. A prolific...