Light as storytelling.

When illuminating an environment with designer lamps, one must balance function – a fundamental aspect – with the desire to use light to express a mood, an intimate story. In a room characterized by classic lines, placing a modern lamp by the bookshelf is evocative of eclectic, alternative, non-conventional readings; in a living room with a clean, rigorous and minimalist style, a highly detailed hanging lamp suggests a more casual edge, and makes the room more interesting and personal.

For the home, or Contract.

Pure shapes or unusual silhouettes, using materials in a traditional manner or revisited: Cappellini offers multiple lighting solutions for stylish interiors, spanning from products with an artisanal flair, to table lamps that can also be used as bedside lamps, or innovative options that enable light –  which is, by nature, ephemeral – to become the absolute protagonist of the room.




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