Gong Terrazzo

Giulio Cappellini

Unique and inimitable: the Gong Terrazzo table is an eclectic version of the iconic product designed by Giulio Cappellini. For this edition, still contradistinguished by the absolute purity of design, the table is adorned with a matte top that has been lacquered to create a “terraced effect” that is evocative of the charming Venetian mosaic flooring.

The small Gong table can be disassembled and the base is made of sheet metal with a tubular iron stem, matte varnished in white or black.


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Designed by
Giulio Cappellini

Trained as an architect in Milan, Giulio Cappellini is an emblematic figure in the international design panorama.

Animated by an indomitable spirit and the curiosity of someone who wants to renew himself continuously, Cappellini dedicates himself to design by offering his personal revision of contemporary design, both for the brand that bears...