Giulio Cappellini

The Dolmen table, designed by Giulio Cappellini, reflects the tradition of classic marble with a twist inspired by the stylistic influences of the 1980’s, here expressed through a carefully studied interplay of shapes.


The Dolmen has a majestic marble top, 3 cm thick, which rests atop two freestanding semi-circular bases made of the same material, further enhancing the support surface and ensuring a remarkably tactile experience.


The Dolmen table is available in three versions: white Carrara marble, green Alpi marble, and lightly straw-coloured Travertino and Rome grey marble.


The materials available to professionals in the sector.


Designed by
Giulio Cappellini

Trained as an architect in Milan, Giulio Cappellini is an emblematic figure in the international design panorama.

Animated by an indomitable spirit and the curiosity of someone who wants to renew himself continuously, Cappellini dedicates himself to design by offering his personal revision of contemporary design, both for the brand that bears...