Ilaria Marellli 


An architect and designer from the Lombardy region, Ilaria Marelli founded her own studio in 2004, which she defines as an idea laboratory where she dedicates herself to art direction, product design, interior design and installations.

Inspired by the idea that a design must contemporaneously be recognizable, make a strong impact and spark emotions; she has created both one-of-a-kind pieces and products made in series, effortlessly crossing the borders between art, fashion and design.

Marelli’s vision is based upon the assumption that every object is the interpretation of a piece of the world. In order for a project to take root in people’s hearts, it must express the evolution of the concept from which it was born, and encompass function, poetry, details and an essential vision.

Her primary clients include Cassina, Zanotta, Fiam, Coro, Bonaldo, E&Y, Coin, Bosa, Invicta, Lancia, Tivoli Audio, Pitti and, of course, Cappellini, for whom she created the Cirkel carpet and the Cannot table, made in collaboration with Michela Catalano.

In addition to being invited to become a part of the Italian Design Council, Marelli also lectures about Product-Service at the Polytechnic of Milan, and acts as promotor of Italy’s first co-housing project and other socially conscious initiatives in urban settings.