Tel aviv

To this end, some of the most interesting pieces from the Cappellini catalogue were selected: such as the Basket 011 sofa by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec, paired with the Cirkel carpet by Ilaria Marelli, the Meltdown floor lamp by Johan Lindstén and the Peacock armchair by Dror.

Sober and elegant contours, spacious rooms, luminous three-dimensionality: the interior design of the impressive W Prime in Tel Aviv is aimed at astonishing guests while welcoming them from the moment they cross the threshold.


The lobby is striking for its staggering dimensions, composed elements that make it austere yet emotionally engaging.

The furnishings chosen for the entrance have a precise functional aesthetic which integrates harmoniously with the structure.

The area is dominated by the enormous six-meter bookcase, which invites guests and residents to take advantage of the extensive collection of art books and enjoy a moment of tranquillity.


The common areas are accented by the Wanders' Tulip Armchair by Marcel Wanders, the Orgone table by Marc Newson and the Lucky carpet by Nendo, reflecting the desire to create an intimate and convivial setting that instils a sense of home.


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