Fronzoni '64 Chair

AG Fronzoni

Geometry was the primary source of inspiration for the versatile Fronzoni ’64 chair, designed by the master of minimalism AG Fronzoni during his quest to eliminate all excessive components from objects of design. This seat is a conceptual furnishing element, composed of a series of squares and straight lines that cut cleanly through space, as if they were drawn with a ruler. The essential lines are precisely what make this chair so well-suited and adaptable to every setting.

The Fronzoni ’64 chair has a base of square tubular metal, with a seat made of white or black matte-lacquered wood.


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Designed by
AG Fronzoni

An eclectic name in the design and graphics panorama, AG Fronzoni based his aesthetic studies on the elaboration and design of content.
His long and intense career led him to incorporate architecture, design, visual communication and education.

He has held lectures at the Società Umanitaria (Humanitarian Society) and the Istituto delle Industrie Artistiche...