Unique, like you.

Designer furniture accessories are the ideal opportunity to accent a space according to one’s personal taste. Where they are placed and the purpose they serve - whether it is the originally intended function or not – encapsulates a story that says something about who we are, our passions, and the liberty with which we choose to inhabit our daily lives.

Room for imagination.

A designer vase can become a container, a tray can embellish a wall; a designer candleholder that seemingly defies gravity provides an ingenious contrast to classic furnishings, or a traditional object evokes adds a sweet softness to settings with a pop or avant-garde edge: to a creative eye, modern home decor offers infinite possibilities for infinite personalities.

Designer details.

Cappellini’s designer accessories are the vision of the most fertile minds in the international panorama, and it shows. Astonishing, with impeccable contours, they offer everything except banality. The perfect gift, these products embody style, playfulness and practicality: they are small masterpieces to be placed artfully in environments, offering stunningly captivating forms to support their contents.




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