Cappellini Around The World

February 2021

“Every journey begins in your mind” said the French philosopher Jean Baudrillard.

Nothing could be truer in a situation like the current one, where we cannot physically travel to discover the world and its marvels.

Cappellini Around the World was born with the precise intent to explore some of the most famous cities around world, different in terms of history, culture and tradition, interpreted with the furnishings of the Cappellini catalogue. Twelve settings, reflecting the twelve selected cities, where the products from the Collection are mixed in a succession of different finishes and materials to portray the eclecticism and the multiculturalism of the brand, a free and wandering trademark always looking for new creativity and new cultural contaminations.

Cappellini Around The World

From the Asian magnificence to the European rigor, from the South American warmth to the Middle Eastern fascination, these settings are a suggestion for dealers, architects, interior designers and end-users on how to create innumerable settings by mixing different products and finishes from the wide Cappellini catalogue.

A collection of proposals which inspire our imagination and the pleasure to create our own space.

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