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Panda Landscape
October 2015

Panda Landscape

The visionary, non-conventional world by Paola Navone meets the ever-present creative sensibility and know-how of Cappellini. Landscape Panda is a new chapter of their mutual and natural creative enchantment, telling in different shapes their special accord in interpreting the beauty of things. A collection made up of versatile units (modular sofa, service tables, cabinets and lamps) making up diverse visual landscapes thanks to the elements covered with graphical or imaginatively pop patterns by Abet Laminati and the wide range of fabrics. A curious, ironical and huge luminous Panda is the feature of the collection.
The Panda Landscape Collection has been nominated in the category “furniture” for the next edition of EDIDA Awards (Elle Decor international design awards). The winners will be announced during the next Milan Design Week 2016.


PANDA sofa – design: Paola Navone, 2015

Upholstery collection made up of sofas, central, end, and corner units and poufs all available in two depths, 95cm or 125cm with diverse widths for a wide combination of seating elements. Removable upholstery; the outer profile has a band available in black, white, red, burgundy or grey.