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New York

Open Society Foundations it is an organization that operates worldwide, and represents the values of fairness, respect for human and civil rights, and the defence of minorities.

The organization actively collaborates with local institutions to develop bills that support social projects in education and public health.

The offices of the OPF were designed by the Tirmizi Campbell design and architecture firm in New York, precisely to reflect the foundation's mission. The result is an open and flexible space, that successfully mirrors the association’s overall identity.

The choice of furnishings was overseen by Cappellini. The offices and conference rooms were equipped with Lotus chairs by Jasper Morrison, while more informal areas and waiting rooms overlooking Midtown were embellished with Spring chairs by Erwan Bouroullec and the Lotus Table by Jasper Morrison.

Through the products in the collection, Cappellini successfully supports the institution’s ideals of versatility and functionality.

Used products

Jasper Morrison
Erwan Bouroullec