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Exhibition of Marco Russo in the showroom, Paris.
September 2012

Exhibition of Marco Russo in the showroom, Paris.

September - Cappellini presents the new styling of the Paris showroom and hosts the exhibition “Faces” by the photographer Marco Russo during the Paris Design Week.
Bldv Saint Germain 242bis, until the end of September.

The success of the "Cappellini Home" concept,  presented in January 2012 in Cologne and in April 2012 in Milan , continues  throughout the Cappellini showrooms worldwide. Today the flagship store in Paris reproduces the space of a real home, from the living room to the study, from the dining room to the bedroom, highlighting the experimentation and exploration of new ways of living which has always characterized the Cappellini brand.

Here the works of Marco Russo can be found: the exhibition "Faces" puts together 14 black and white portraits , 5 limited editions, all the first pieces of the series, printed 40x60 cm on cotton paper and signed on the back. 14 pieces that express the desire to search for beauty, the uniqueness of the instant and the simple truth that lies hidden in things, in movements and in the geometry of what surrounds us, just like in the Cappellini products.

The combination of Cappellini and art is not new: the exhibition organised by the Milanese artist Matteo Negri in June in the Cappellini showroom in Brussels; the Cappellini icons exhibited in the most important museums in the world (the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, the MoMA in New York, the Centre Pompidou in Paris, amongst many others).

But Cappellini is also about modular systems, cabinets and containers for the office and residential spaces, the result of a combination of design and cutting edge technology with tailor-made care and traditional craftsmanship responding to the customers’ needs: a palette of 80 glossy and matt colours combined with a wide range of accessories and modules of different sizes.

Born in Florence in May 1981, photography for Marco Russo has been a revelation of images of his interiority expressed in the observation of unique moments of everyday life. Russo is inspired by the great photographer Henri Cartier Bresson and searches for those extraordinary and unique moments where the subject, the light, the shapes and shadows reflect the emotive gaze of the photographer on unexpected reality. Marco Russo is the youngest artist to have his photos in the bookshop of the Alinari National Museum of Photography.

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