Mist-o is the name of the studio, founded in 2012, with offices in Tokyo and Milan, as a result of the professional partnership formed between Noa Ikeuchi (Japan) and Tommaso Nani (Italy).

The aim of two designers is to create a bridge between Europe and Asia, whilst dedicating themselves primarily to design, ranging from furniture to small decorative objects, interior decorating, architecture, and from products with a large production to limited edition pieces.

Nani and Ikeuchi split their time mostly between Italy and Japan, working in both countries to further their personal research endeavors and enrich their expression. Despite their origins, with wholly diverse traditions, they have found a common denominator in the search for profound simplicity, combining a spontaneous poetic approach with decisive formal and functional rigour.

The influence of both designers in the Mist-o duo is clearly visible in the Atlantis vase, made for Cappellini.

The studio has developed products, furniture, objects and architectural projects for some of the greatest names in the field.