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Junpei & Iori Tamaki

Junpei & Iori Tamaki

The Tamaki Design Studio was founded in 2013 by Japanese designer Junpei Tamaki, who was successively joined by Iori Tamaki, from Taiwan.
The synergy between the two designers was an immediate success, and their union led to the birth of a couple, both professionally and personally.

Together, they devote themselves to the design of furnishings and interior design. Their objective is to create projects that astonish, thanks to the interplay between reality and the imaginary.

The conceptual focus is based on the juxtaposition of the parts that compose the idea, such as simplicity vs. complexity, the individual vs. collectivity. These nuances contribute to their profound and engaging idea of design.

The Flower bookshelf is another example of playing with contrast, where Junpei and Iori Tamaki maintain the concept of the sculptural form while pairing it with transparencies.