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Great Things to People

Great Things to People

Great Things to People (or simply gt2P) is the Santiago del Cile-based architecture, art and design studio, founded in 2009 by the associates Tamara Pérez, Sebastián Rozas, Guillermo Parada, Victor Imperiale and Eduardo Arancibia.

The definition they coined for their approach is “Paracrafting”, which synthesizes the research for new combinations and new intersections between industrial production and traditional craftsmanship. Through their work, the know-how of the Chilean artisan culture, for which they are spokespeople, can be integrated and applied to new design technologies.

Out of this process, a new aesthetic DNA emerged that, in turn, gives birth to entire families of products, made as both one-of-a-kind pieces and in series.

From this point of view, nothing is left unexplored: from the geometric shapes of their bronze vases, the veining on rippled surfaces, composable furnishing systems, to lighting elements forged out of seemingly incompatible materials such as porcelain and lava.

During the 2016 New York Design Week, gt2P studio launched a series of Tarrugao vases that can still be found in the Cappellini portfolio.

Since 2015, Studio gt2P has been represented in by the New York gallery, Friedman Benda. Some of the exhibitions they have participated in include: MAD NY (Museum of Art and Design di New York), Design Miami 2015 with Friedman Benda, Cappellini Milano 2014, PAD London and Paris in 2014 with Galerie Gosserez, Rossana Orlandi Milano 2013 and many more.