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Francois Azambourg

Francois Azambourg


François Azambourg is undoubtedly one of the most interesting professionals in the current French design scene, a true pioneer of contemporary living.

His philosophy can be summarized by his desire to utilize “light as a material”, a challenge which Azamboug successfully overcomes by creating captivating objects that are also, somehow, magical.

To do this, he relies on unusual techniques and playing with contradictions: the rigidity of certain materials is moulded to give life to objects that are delicate and graceful in appearance.

For example, Azambourg designed the Mr.B chair series utilizing sheet metal, but has injected it with polyurethane foam, and treated surfaces to obtain a look that is irregular, light and dynamic.

Among his other creations, we can find the Camouflage carpet, the Mr. B Lamp and the 3 Vases tryptic.