Federico Angi

Federico Angi

Bollate (MI), Italy

Born in Bollate, near Milan, Federico Angi studied art and earned a degree in Industrial Design at the Polytechnic of Milan.
His training at important Studios in the city brought him, in 2010, to expand his know-how and start his own business, where he dedicates himself to interior design, illumination and exhibition layout.

Pure essential forms, precise execution, attention to details: these are the aims of his research. Angi has established an open dialogue with the furniture and interior design industry, through a process that begins with the initial study phase, the creation of models, prototypes and eventually the final object.

For Cappellini, Federico Angi designed and creates the Acquarello family of vases and containers, authentic statement pieces that contribute to the ideal of a clean, contemporary design.

Many of his works have been exhibited at the Triennale di Milano; he has participated in various editions of the Salone del Mobile and numerous trade fairs in Paris. He currently lives and works in Milan.