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Doshi Levien

Doshi Levien

Founded in London, by Jonathan Levien and Nipa Doshi, the internationally acclaimed Doshi Levien studio’s manifesto is the celebration of the hybrid as the successful result of the contamination between different cultures, themes and technologies.

The refined approach of Nipa Doshi, rooted in her Indian origins, and her innate predisposition for visual culture, forms an ideal synergy with Jonathan Levien’s technical precision, typical of his artisan sensitivity and extensive knowledge about materials: the result is a balanced crossover of concepts and axioms aimed at exploring all the formal and practical aspects behind an idea.

The harmony between the characteristic elements of the Doshi Levien duo is evident in the aesthetics of the Capo armchair, made for Cappellini in 2013.

The studio works for numerous companies worldwide who are leaders in their field and provides high-level consulting services to global brands in terms of cultural and social consumption; as well as highlighting opportunities for Design in emerging economies.