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Catia Salci

Catia Salci

Arezzo, Italy

Born in Arezzo, Catia Salci studied in Florence, a city that immediately stimulated her interest and fascination with art.

Her work is based upon the restauration and decoration of panels, doors and small decorative items, and her sole interest is to convert seemingly meaningless objects into works of art.

Catia Salci’s approach is focused on the expression of a series of abstract images obtained by the layering of different materials:  a range of textures, paper, moss, soil and leaves.

For Cappellini, Catia Salci has created the Dakka cabinet, a  furniture piece whose characteristically crinkled surface exalts its artistic origins.

Her projects are exhibited in her showroom in Arezzo, where she works on interior design projects and makes custom-made furniture and decorative pieces.