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Benjamin Hubert

Benjamin Hubert

United Kingdom

Born in the United Kingdom, Benjamin Hubert graduated in Industrial Design and Technology, in 2006, from Loughborough University. After completing his studies, he founded an eponymous studio in London, which has recently been renamed Layer, where he works on both large scale projects and the production of limited-edition objects.

His studies have spanned from materials and processes, to industrial design and creations in the fields of interior design and lighting, however Benjamin Hubert earned his fame thanks to his experimentation with materials and his ability to interpret objects that, more than mere objects, become experiences and instruments that satisfy user needs. An example of Hubert’s philosophy is the Garment armchair, made for the Cappellini collection. 

Through his numerous projects, Hubert has received a series of prestigious accolades, including the British Design Awards 2010, Homes and Gardens Young Designer Year, EDIDA International Young Designer of the year 2010 and the IF Awards 2012.