Cappellini ROOMS at Salone del Mobile 2013
April 2013

Cappellini ROOMS at Salone del Mobile 2013

Let's not pretend that things will change if we keep doing the same things.
Albert Einstein

“Cappellini ROOMS”
Every year Cappellini amazes us with its ability to invent a new way to show its innovation and uniqueness. "Cappellini ROOMS" is a contemporary setting with reflections of the past and ideas gleaned from fashion and costume. The unstructured architecture forms a circular village on two levels. Ten stacked boxes reveal the interior styling with an open wall that makes the interior visible only to those who enter the central square. The only exception is the connection "Cappellini NEXT" which is open to the outside above the main entrance. Cappellini NEXT invites visitors to enter the Cappellini world and discover this year’s exhibition. At the entrance a shrine gathers the valuable new products of the "Progetto Oggetto" Italian furniture collection, the center is arranged with the 2013 news as an opportunity for the public to interact, and it’s all illuminated from above by the shower of 64 marvelous Meltdown lamps.

Ten independent and non-accessible boxes are sand-colored enclosures with interior walls ranging from pink to dark red. They each stage a different environment: a living room or a bedroom of a cosmopolitan house or the lounge area of a metropolitan first world hotel. The rooms are decorated with intangible painted murals on the walls and floors, with extraordinary objects which reveal the craft of transforming design thinking into reality. Pieces are showcased in various materials that identify our history and culture built on the revered foundation of production tradition that must be protected and valued. Exceptional interiors tell stories of pieces that will be beside us for many years. No more short-lived trendy fashions, but the freedom to create the timeless by manipulating shapes into materials, with a revival of wood which will stir feelings of comfort and security. Impressions, memories and irony come together in a balanced mix for the 2013 collection. New products offered in new finishes to meet the requirements of an increasingly demanding market.

Finally Cappellini presents four "Limited Editions": the beautiful project "Inflated Wood" by Zanini de Zanine, uses recycled wood of old plantations in Brazil, the enigmatic lamp "Eye Shadow" by Marcel Wanders, is an object that watches us with a thousand eyes..., the 24 numbered “S-Chair” upholstered in Alcantara® “animalier” and finally the 12 chairs “330” hand painted by Eleonora Di Maio with raw linen coating. And it becomes clear: Viva l’Italia!