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Cappellini Milano Design Week 2019
April 2019

Cappellini Milano Design Week 2019

Traditions, styles and imagination meet in the new Cappellini products creating a living experience focused on cultural crossroads. Design and fashion come together, past and present mingle, reality and imagination coexsist in the Cappellini Circus @ Rho Fiera.

Besides Cappellini presents the exhibition Thirty Years of Icons, arranged in the beautiful spaces of Cappellini Point redesigned by Giulio Cappellini in a project of rupture as compared to traditional displays of design in Milan: the furnishings are not presented in a logical didactic but become protagonists of a performance inspired by street art, popular in the late ‘90s as well as today. Going from Jackson Pollock to Banksy, the visual protest suggests a gaunt and spectacular exhibition, raw and compelling asking visitors to take part in the interpretive process.

Cappellini reveals within the historic showroom in via Santa Cecilia an extraordinary dwelling experience combining romance, design and fashion trends. The spaces become fluid, environments communicate with each other and creative worlds mingle in a New Romantic Way signed by Giulio Cappellini and Designers Guild.